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PHOSMOR TT: Phytase with high heat stability to control phosphorus pollution and improve nutrient uptake
PHOSMOR TT produced from the strains with heat tolerant ability gene, intrinsically thermo-tolerant to begin working faster than normal phytases, PHOSMOR TT is both better resists the pelleting process and delivers the gastric stability needed to work more effectively in the key portions of the GI tract. It has an excellent heat tolerant ability; enzyme activity loss rate is less than 8% under 95℃ pelleting condition (Fig.1)

Not all the phytases are the same……
Using PHOSMOR TT improves animal performance while reducing feed cost and protecting the environment. Only PHOSMOR TT has,
a.High specific catalytic activity/unit of protein
b. High relative activity over wide range of gut pH
c. More active in the upper intestine
d. More resistant to pepsin and pancreatin
e. Excellent thermo-stability in high pelleting temperature
f. Consistently improves performance






Phytase Activity

5000U/g, 10000U/g